DIY BEAUTY HACKS visualise and explain low-cost home made beauty treatments. They often utilise strange and diverse products. For example; the use of a protractor to draw on the perfect eyebrow, or Pepto-bismol as an alternative face mask. They exist online and tutorials consist of videos and Memes.


This Project is a physical exploration of how digital culture is shaping, contouring and morphing our bodies IRL (in real life). The application of makeup is increasingly created to exist online through the lens or screen. With a move away from a natural aesthetic to an exaggerated beauty, DIY beauty hacks and ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) videos have emerged alongside this new image of hyper-real beauty.


Do these videos and images provide a simulated feeling that is missing online; a render of sensation, a shadow of physicality? Are we missing out on simple sensory pleasures as a result of a life lived through the screen?


This project exists primarily as a reader, this online documentation and as a physical window installation that was on show at Central St Martins form November 7th 2016 untill January 1st 2017.





All work:

Toni Hollowood, 2016